Course Catalog

The main goal of our Conservation Diver program is to teach the next generation of scientists and activists how to investigate reef ecosystems. At our facility we operate on a strategy based solely on reason and the scientific method. Students enrolled in our program will be given the necessary tools to jump start a career in marine science, and will be given continued assistance regarding fundraising, grant proposals, and research guidance.  

Have a look through our course catalog, where you will find the breakdown and relevant pricing of each course.

Coral Reef Ecology and Monitoring 

Ecological Monitoring Plan 

Advanced Ecological Monitoring Plan 

Coral Identification and Taxonomy 

Substrate composition 

Coral Predators 

Coral Diseases 

Competition and Biofouling 

Coral Restoration 

Artificial Reefs 

Sea Turtle Ecology and Population Management 

Shark Ecology and Population Management 

Sea Slug Identification and Ecology 

Marine Mammal Conservationist