Kickstart your career in marine science and help to protect the coral reefs of Hawai'i

Reef Conservation , Research, Education, and Scientific Training 

ReefCREST is a 6 week marine research internship on Oahu. Throughout the course of this program each intern will be in the water, 5 days a week, assisting on active research projects. Upon completion, each intern will receive assistance in fundraising, grant proposals, publication, and a plethora of recreational and conservation diver certifications. Learn More

Ecological Monitoring Program

This 5 day training is a condensed version of the ReefCREST internship. Throughout the course, individuals will learn how to assess  coral, fish and invertebrate health, abundance, and biodiversity. This training is a prerequisite for any individual looking to assist on OAP projects and projects at other conservation diver facilities.

Benefits of Coral  Reefs
Coral reefs and coastal ecosystems of Hawai’i provide a wide range of environmental and economical benefits, however, they have been degrading at an alarming rate as a result of climate change and human-induced stressors. The Ocean Alliance Project is monitoring the long-term effects of climate change on the ecological dynamics of Hawaiian coral reefs, with an aim to protect and preserve the marine biodiversity surrounding the Hawaiian Islands. 

We are working closely with Malama Maunalua, a non-profit organization leading the Restore with Resilience initiative (RWR) in Maunalua Bay. The Ocean Alliance Project plays a critical role in the field work of this project. We conduct a variety of reef resilience assesments,  assist in the selection of local thermal resilient coral species,  and help raise marine conservation awareness throughout the community. 

The Hawaiian Islands are home to some of the most diverse marine ecosystems on the planet. On the busiest island of Oahu, the coral reefs thrive with diversity in the face of adversity. We are a group that was established because we share one primary goal: Educate, Protect, and Preserve.